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The guys are weak and ineffectual, with serious manhood issues, and their onscreen deaths are more brutal than the girls'.

Tim Salmons Super Reviewer. This is objectifying women in the way that gay men and straight women alike typically objectify men. Easy a nude scene. Slumber party massacre nude. And there's no attempt to justify any of this. Slumber Party Massacre II has a fun, valley-girl aesthetic featuring bright neon colours and goofy ditties written for the film, including the Driller Killer's faux -rockabilly anthem. The kills were terrific, awesome, and with plenty of blood and gore on some occasions.

And then this happens: Because they are as broadly drawn as anyone else in the Slumber Party Massacre franchise, it's unfair to introduce realistic sexual violence at this point. Movies Movies See all. This is a very silly film and it uses that silliness to justify its lack of meaningful introspection. For Pete's sake, sexy women are nothing to be afraid of.

Amy Holden JonesAaron Lipstadt. Mature white women naked. I can only hope the sequels are even half as clever and political as this one. Unfortunately, it's a dimly lit scene, in which the nudity doesn't even come from Smika, but a body double.

How can the nude female form have that much power? Alas, Brock can't resist the temptation of one more jump scare, continuing the cycle. Jones sees the solution to the objectification of women as making them three-dimensional human beings and putting them in realistic situations, yet when you start thinking like that, the energy and pulse begins to leak out of the work. The girls organize a sleepover and their dorky boyfriends try to crash the party, all while the killer hones in on the house.

View All Critic Reviews October 10, Rating: This has a certain novelty, I suppose. Yet I think The Slumber Party Massacre is implicitly arguing that anti-pornography feminists reinforce a rape culture as well.

The Slumber Party Massacre accepts the premise that these movies promote and glamorize rape and that they are made by and for men who want to see women punished for being sexual beings.

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne Directors: Attending the video is Dolby Digital 2. Michele Michaels as Trish. Jackie Ms Honore is the student with slightly darker skin who briefly exposes her breasts whilst changing into a teddy for the party.

Slumber Party Massacre II isn't a good movie, per se, and I feel obliged to give it the same two-and-a-half-star rating I'm giving its predecessor. Glances between women can interpreted as latent lesbianism and a prurient shower scene pans up and down the female bodies like a voyeur.

She passed up the assignment to direct The Slumber Party Massacre. Slumber Party Massacre delivers.

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No, rather than a male fantasy of raping women, Slumber Party Massacre II suggests something arguably more inflammatory: To me it makes the killer more menacing if you don't explain who they are and what they're all about, which is the major problem I have with every film in the Halloween series after the first one. It's all pretty straightforward.

The End of Fear Hot Docs ' Ms Meyers plays Courtney, kid sister of Valerie who wisely chooses to ditch the party. Simran kaur naked. We might consider it a precursor to that wonderfully creepy parody of straight sex in Jamie Babbit's But I'm a Cheerleaderwherein a gay teenage boy practices moral heterosexual behaviour by doing push-ups over his lesbian partner. Delectable scream queen beauty Brinke Stevens provides us a showcase of her stunning figure when she enters a shower, the camera captures Brinke removing her towel to reveal her marvelously shaped ass in glorious closeup, as she proceeds further onward into the stall we are granted additional shots of her tight buns moving in unison up and down.

And, in offering up to the camera lingering shots of the Playgirl models in the bufft he film also offers gratuitous male flesh for erotic consumption, which is far more rare in slasher films. Brown, who had confessed with some mild embarrassment to creating his own soundtrack album for Slumber Party Massacre II in the previous yakker, somewhat sheds his strangely reverent attitude towards the franchise, relishing in pointing out the film's many continuity errors.

Later in the film the girls decide to change into their pajamas.

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By the time we get to the end, a total of twelve people have been murdered. The other girls are wearing sweatshirts or t-shirts, so she provides the only decent cleavage from that point on particularly when they're squatting on the floor and eating pizza.

The objectification that exists in these films is purely the result of a passive worldview. The killer is seen only seen through Bates's perspective, but his desire to rape Bate is less vengeful than perversely sadistic.

Yeah, that docility was probably encouraged if not fostered by The Patriarchy, and yeah, she probably did feel raped during the making of Deep Throat.

The supplementary material is dense and revelatory and benefits immensely from being the product of people who care rightly or wrongly about these films.

Member Login Sign in not a member? As it doesn't appear that she has given much thought as to how these rape fantasies could be viewed as offensive, she probably didn't stop think of the film's potential to undermine the cause for women's rights. I enjoy the movie. Make-up effects artist James McPherson relates a strange anecdote about how star Crystal Bernard initially refused to get in bed with her onscreen boyfriend, lest she send a message contrary to her Baptist upbringing.

Michael Villela as Russ Thron. Tits from around the world. Amy Holden JonesAaron Lipstadt. Slumber party massacre nude. I'm reminded of a talk-show interview with Gloria Steinem and Linda Lovelace, featured in the documentary Inside Deep Throatwherein Lovelace announces that she is now an anti-porn activist but it is Steinem who does all the talking.

If you need a slasher flick, you could do worse August 21, Rating: Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. It incorporates all of the usual slasher cliches, but with a healthy dose of humor. JavaScript required to view e-mail address.

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